Automate product sales forecasts & eCommerce product listings with AI/ML so your team can free their minds for the stuff that really matters!

Our Service+Solution is a fully managed no code platform delivering end-to-end data transformation with Generative AI GPT solution for copy, product marketing insights & time series sales forecasting.

Data Driven

Automate with AI/ML data insights, don’t let your product merchandising be guided by guesswork.


Sell more with less effort

Know what’s trending, track competitors & more with accurate, auto generated product insights reports 


Use GPT product listings

We get it – not enough time – so we’ve made the smartest EASY BUTTON to generate eCommerce product listings


Forecast product sales

Too much/too little inventory, get it right to reduce costs & grow revenue with our proprietary AI sales forecaster

our solutions

Discover Market Insights

Source market intelligence on copy, creative & performance to inform better product development & marketing

Generate Product Listings

Our Generative AI solution creates unique & optimized bulk product listings for every product & marketplace

Accurate Sales Forecasts

Fine tune your supply chain with accurate daily, weekly & monthly forecasts for every product & every store or ecom channel

Data Insights Platform

Capture, process & model data for AI/ML opportunities with our data to insights transformation platform

our Approach

More than Data Science...

Successfully automating your ecommerce marketing & sales forecasting means you need the right tools for the job & the right expert partner.

Junction AI’s insights platform is an end to end solution including the complex infrastructure, data transformation process, data modeling & support you need for AI success:

  • Industry leading infrastructure with AWS, Azure & GCP
  • Interoperability with key services like DataBricks
  • Dashboard, API & widget integration options
  • Automated data capture 
  • Data cleansing/processing 
  • Easy accessibility for any team member 


Our proprietary AI/ML platform is the key to delivering the insights & automations you need today. 

Why Us?


We love tackling “Hair on Fire” challenges! We are creative thinkers & innovators that value effective, efficient implementation. 

Tech LEaderShip

We are the team of experienced technologists, ML engineers & data scientists who get you to where you need to be faster.


We’ve got your back. Our team has worked in enterprise & small business. No matter the size you deserve high quality capability, service & support. 


Data is our business, being your AI/ML partner is our mission. We are obsessed driving your ROI from your data opportunity.

Our Innovations make the press

Driving technology for leading brands, retailers & Partners

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Get a Competitive Advantage with AI/ML

Harnessing your data for insights to drive ROI with intelligent retail automations is the first step.

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