Fine Tuning the Last Mile

Sales Forecasting, Lead Forecasting & Product Marketing Optimization with AI/ML 

Free your mind. Harness your data for better “last mile” decisions, from more accurate daily sales forecasts to insights that optimize product marketing. Junction AI designs, builds & operates AI/ML apps for retail, ecom & product marketing success.

40+Pre-Built Insights 10k+Models Billions of Data Points
Our AI/ML powers better decisions for demand planning, helping you fine tune the last mile. 

Junction AI as a Service

Demand Planning & Marketing Optimization with Data Driven Insights

At Junction AI we deliver AI/ML apps that power your teams to make better decisions, faster. Our platform is designed to save you time & money in adopting AI/ML solutions for critical last mile KPIs. We deliver the technology, you stay focused on the business.


It’s like equipping your team with an AI Data Scientist 24/7/365.

Sales Forecasting

Exceptional Demand Planning

Daily, weekly, monthly & annual sales forecasts using advanced AI/ML modeling. Get the right inventory in the right place for the right account.

Lead Forecasting

Predict & Target Customers

Analyze opportunities with robust data modeling to predict which customers are your best targets. Focus sales & marketing time & effort where it matters

Marketing Optimization

Optimize with digital shelf insights.

Analyze product marketing creative, assess digital shelf impact & compare competitors, to know what’s capturing attention & why it works

Case Studies

Powerful Insights, Proven Results

Drive Superior Performance, Make Better Decisions

Supercharge Your Demand Planning & Product Marketing with AI

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