Data Driven Success

Our Insights API is the fastest & easiest AI analytics solution for platforms that need to deliver data driven insights for advertising & e-commerce marketing clients.

Junction AI & Amber Engine introduce Amber AI, Powering Amazon Success for e-Commerce Brands

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AI as a Service with Junction AI

Data Driven Insights On What Works & Why

Marketing & advertising platforms capture valuable social, product, sales, advertising & other data. 

Harness brand & user generated content for data driven insights that explain what works & why, what audiences want, features & benefits most in demand & more.

Junction AI - Predict Winning Ad Creative Optimize with AI

Data Driven Decisions

Know What Marketing Works & Why with our AI Powered Insights


Uncover Insights on Brand & User Generated Content 


Inform marketing decisions with real business intelligence


Grow revenue, boost conversions & cut wasted advertising spend


Junction AI partners & works with leading brands, agencies & platforms in advertising, e-commerce & streaming media.

Your AI as a Service Solution Partner

A Proven, Affordable & Fast to Market Solution for AI Analytics

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