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Junction AI curates, models & reveals valuable data driven insights so you focus on growing your business. On demand, no code, & easily accessible, no data scientist needed.

40+Pre-Built Insights 10k+Models Billions of Data Points
Actionable insights on Ecommerce, Advertising, Audiences, Creative Content & Competitors

Junction AI as a Service

No Code AI/ML Data Analytics at Your Fingertips

Junction AI’s data insights deliver impactful insights by automating & scaling your daily data science needs. We curate the data, model & deliver the insights you need to make better decisions, fast. 


It’s like equipping your team with an AI Data Scientist 24/7/365.

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Data Driven Decisions

Know What Works & Why with our AI Powered Insights


Uncover Insights on Audiences, Creative, Ads & Ecommerce 


Inform marketing decisions with real business intelligence


Grow revenue, scale analytics & make better decisions 

Drive Superior Performance, Make Better Decisions

Junction AI is your Partner for AI/ML Data Insights

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