3 New Features to Improve Data for Ad Predictions with Junction AI

3 Features to Improve Ad Performance Predictions and Insights

Junction AI’s latest product updates include new features to help you get more out of your data to improve ad performance predictions and insights.

These features impact how your AI Audience Model™ is trained, so you can better target the data you want, surface important insights and focus your performance predictions.

Utilizing these tools, you will better understand how to optimize your ads and get dramatically better results in less time and for less cost than traditional live experimentation and limited A/B testing.

And better yet, no coding skill needed, just a click or two!

1. All Data or Campaign/Ad Group Data

When you hit “Connect” to build your AI Audience Model you can now choose the data you want to use from your Google AdWords account.

You can select to use all data across all your ads, ad groups and campaigns, or to limit the data to a specific campaign/ad group.

Modeling on this data segment will deliver a more accurate and fine-tuned result specific to the campaign purpose, theme, location, product or audience segment.

How? Just follow the prompts on the Data Connection wizard. You’ll be presented with the option to choose all data or select a campaign/ad group. The same data minimums apply to a campaign/ad group.

Shortly this option will be available for Facebook Ads too.

2. Clicks or Conversions

We’re working to make you a Clicks or Conversion superhero! To improve predictions and improvement insights your model should reflect your primary goals.

When you select clicks or conversions your AI Audience Model will be trained with a focus on generating predictions and insights that have a greater impact on clicks or conversions.

We suggest you experiment a little. You’ll surface interesting predictions and concepts that reflect click focused concepts that are sometimes different from a conversions model. Utilize these in concert to learn more about what delivers traffic vs what makes your audience buy.

How? When you choose a data connection, you can simply choose the model type. To change it, disconnect your data and reconnect choosing another option.

3. Model Refresh

The world is not static, and neither is your data.

After you’ve generated your AI Audience Model you can opt to refresh it at any time. Refreshing your model triggers our platform to go get new data from your account, and rebuild, relearn and release a new model for you.

You’ll see a difference in your new model. Your data health check information may change, and performance prediction scores too. With new data reflecting what’s happening in real time you benefit from refreshing your model and taking advantage of the latest insights.

We recommend refreshing your model at least once a month. If you are starting a new campaign, course correcting a campaign, or wrapping up a big campaign you refresh to capture the latest data and learnings.

How? Under each active data connection, you’ll see a ‘Refresh” option. Click Refresh to trigger a new model and new data import. You can see when you last refreshed your model by checking the date.

Deep Dive: Why Do Models Change?

Wondering why the insights, predictions and model stats change? There are a couple reasons. Firstly, with new data accumulating in your ad accounts you are forcing the AI to learn from the new data. The new data can have a significant impact. Optimizations already made will now be taken into account, setting you up for your next challenge – beating your previous results!

Secondly, AI deep learning works a little like our brains. It can come to different conclusions based on a refresh as it has a whole new look at the data. Sometimes there will be big changes. You may even want to do another refresh to validate the changes. Just like our brains, presented with different information we sometimes come to different conclusions! If you have any concerns talk to one of our team.

Refreshing your data also will help generate new improvement suggestions. These may be very time sensitive and impacted by real time events, like the change from spring to summer, Mother’s Day or introduction of a new sale or offer.

Your audience is always evolving. To improve ad performance predictions and insights and power your ads to their best performance possible you need the latest data insights in real time and on demand! We’ve made it easy to be proactive and outperform your competitors.

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