Junction AI Case Study Finance AI Optimized Google Search Ads

3x Performance for Google Search Ads

Ratebroker does something everyone wants and needs, they help you easily and quickly get the best mortgage rate and insurance premiums. And they make it incredibly easy for their customer, they shop around your opportunity to a wide range of companies who want your business.

But Ratebroker faces a very competitive landscape – they are up against the biggest banks and insurance companies. These companies have massive advertising budgets. So how does an independent company like Ratebroker break through all the noise and get the click throughs they need?

Using Google Search Ads Ratebroker delivers traffic to their website, converting it to calls and email inquiries to their personalized service at their call center. Their Google Search Ads are a huge part of their sales funnel so getting the ads right matters a lot.

Utilizing Junction AI Ratebroker was able to quickly and easily discover the text search ad copy that Junction AI predicted to significantly over perform their existing ads. The results breakdown on their existing ads identified a variety of copy concepts. In minutes Ratebroker tested with variants of the copy to find high performing variations. Normally this would have taken weeks or months of live experimentation. And cost a significant amount of money.

The Junction AI predicted Google Search Ads succeeded, dramatically increasing the traffic flow and conversions. The platform analyses the ad copy and tests it against their audience data. This allowed Ratebroker to do months of ad live experimentation so their ads were optimized before they even deployed, boosting the return on ad spend significantly.

Read on for more information on the Junction AI Ratebroker Case Study here.

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