AI for Advertising Analytics

No More Guesswork

Pre-test ad creative for insights that power winning ads so you dramatically boost clicks & conversions.

Get AI insights on product features, benefits, colors, locations, pricing & more for PPC, Social, Influencer & Ecommerce advertising success.

Slash the time & cost of discovery by harnessing your data for predictions & insights on what consumers want & why. Uncover intent focused concepts to guide dramatic improvements in advertising copy, images & video in a click. 


Pre-test Ad Creative with AI

Find out WHAT works & WHY before you waste time & money on live experimentation or mistargetted ads for PPC & Facebook campaigns.
Connect your data & get insights on audiences & ad opportunities
Junction-Insights API-Model Data
Review insights on ad creative – images, video & copy – for insights on what works
Junction-Insights API-Report Insights
Pre-test creative for performance predictions for ads & ad creative

Google Search Ads

Optimize Google Search Ads in Seconds

Identify winning headlines & descriptions for Google Adwords Search/PPC campaigns.

Knowing what makes your audience engage is the key to successful PPC ads. Test ad creative instantly to get copy predictions that maximize ROAS.

Junction AI-Optimize Google Search Ads
Junction AI-Optimize Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Predict Winning Facebook Ads

Get insights on the best concepts for successful Facebook single image, video & carousel ads.

Discover demand generating insights that boost ad performance & impact. 


Products & ECommerce

Boost ECommerce Revenue

Harness your audience data to find out what features & benefits matter most to your audience. 

Use insights to design winning creative to dramatically boost online sales & revenue knowing what motivates your audience.

Junction AI-Optimize Website Promotions

Product Insights

Discover Audience Demands

Analyze your products, product creative & product listings with an AI that simulates your audience. Get pricing, colors, models, features & benefits insights that matter to your audience. 

Audience Intelligence

Understand your Audience

Surface insights into your audience with an AI that uncovers their needs & wants. Discover what differentiates your brand & how to monetize your CRM or Customer Data Platform data.

We work with you to build & improve your data. We analyze audience predictions & insights to boost your creative impact.   
Our AI solution & expert analytics team work with you to deliver an AI Analytics solution perfect for your brand.

Know What works & Why

Smarter ad spend starts here, pre-test your ad creative & know what works!