Your Unfair Advantage

Maximize clicks & conversions with AI.

We model your 1st party audience data to predict the best copy, images, videos, product features, locations, pricing & more to dramatically boost your marketing ROI.

Get powerful results on demand and in real time. No need for costly infrastructure or data engineers, our online solution gets you up and running today. It’s like equipping every member of your team with their own personalized AI data scientist! 

Google Search Ads

Optimize Google Search Ads in Seconds

Identify winning headlines & descriptions for Google Adwords Search/PPC campaigns.

Knowing what makes your audience engage is the key to successful PPC ads. Test ad creative instantly to get copy predictions that maximize ROAS.

Junction AI-Optimize Google Search Ads
Junction AI-Optimize Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Predict Winning Facebook Ads

Get insights on the best concepts for successful Facebook single image, video & carousel ads.

Discover demand generating insights that boost ad performance & impact. 


Products & ECommerce

Boost ECommerce Revenue

Harness your audience data to find out what features & benefits matter most to your audience. 

Use insights to design winning creative to dramatically boost online sales & revenue knowing what motivates your audience.

Junction AI-Optimize Website Promotions

Product Insights

Discover Audience Demands

Analyze your products, product creative & product listings with an AI that simulates your audience. Get pricing, colors, models, features & benefits insights that matter to your audience. 

Audience Intelligence

Understand your Audience

Surface insights into your audience with an AI that uncovers their needs & wants. Discover what differentiates your brand & how to monetize your CRM or Customer Data Platform data.

We work with you to build & improve your data. We analyze audience predictions & insights to boost your creative impact.   
Our AI solution & expert analytics team work with you to deliver an AI Analytics solution perfect for your brand.

Your AI Managed Service Solution

Get your data working for you with an AI designed for marketing.