Analyze Competitor Ads for Insights on your Audience

Junction AI’s Competitor Analysis means you get insights on what’s working for your competitors.

But its not just what works for them, its what they do that works for your audience! Utilizing your Junction AI audience model you can discover and uncover impactful insights on ad creatives they use, that will better engage your audience.

Not only will this improve your ad results, it can reduce your audience loss to your competitors simply by ensuring you are engaging them on what matters.

Analyzing Competitors

We make it fast and easy to get insights on your competitors.

To run a competitor ad on Junction AI you simply need to copy and paste the components of their ad into the template fields, just as you would when you create a new ad creative.

To get started just follow these steps:

  • Select New Test and choose the template for your ad type.
  • Instead of adding your ad copy and images, replace it with their ad creative.
  • Select Test Creative to score and generate predictions and insights, including the Improvement Suggestions

We recommend you save the ad creative to so you can track and monitor your ad optimization against a competitor result.

With their copy and/or images in place our app tests the competitor’s copy and images against your audience. By testing on your audience model we surface specific insights from your audience so you know what to avoid and what to lean into!

It’s important to review the Improvement Suggestions for each element of the ad – every field. Often these suggestions will provide insights on copy for messaging you may not have used. You can see what images they use that work with your audience, but even better, using the suggestions see the concepts you need to adopt.

Some examples we’ve seen include the types of food to include, what furniture works best and colors for images, and very specific copy changes.

Insights Deep Dive

In some cases marketers are clear on what their message is supposed to be but when they test competitor’s ad creative, the competitor ads get better scores.

This indicates there is a mismatch in your creative and your message. Fortunately the competitor test helps you see these differences and breaks down what specific concepts you need to get on track.

Utilizing the Results Breakdown section you can dig deep into these insights and concepts to get the details on what is prominent and relevant to your audience from your competitor ads. The more relevant the more likely you will benefit by incorporating those concepts into your ad creative.

Don’t Forget the Traffic Destination 

A lot of your ad success is dependent on the destination. Google’s Quality Score function assesses your landing page, including how relevant it is to your ad.

To help you understand the impact of your traffic destination we crawl the URL you specify for your traffic destination. With competitor analysis you benefit from seeing how this impacts your score, predictions and insights.

We recommend two tests – use your ad and a competitor URL, and then reverse it.

To get started:

  • When you test your ad creative, use your URL for the traffic destination, test and save.
  • Change your URL for your competitor url, test, save and review results.


  • Select the saved Competitor ad creative test
  • Add your URL for the traffic destination, test and save.

With both versions scored now its time to review the Improvement Suggestions and Results Breakdown. Now you are testing how well your ad would do if their destination page was yours  – and how well you would do if you used their ad for your audience.

In minutes – without spending any budget – you can uncover insights into what works for your competitors with your audience.

Now all you have to do is to optimize your ad copy and images.

Book a call now to learn more and get a walk-through of how to analyze competitor ads!


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