Consumers aren’t Psychic, You have to Capture them in the Moment!

Consumers, especially millennials, are driving impulse buying. It’s “in the moment” and overwhelmingly through a phone.

Consumers already have a high awareness of big brands and online giants. It’s easy to see why. Social media, online advertising, and paid search results mean they are bombarded daily by ads.

So how do you capture their attention?

It’s all about being Mobile

Today, 94% of consumers search on their phones for something local to eat, drink, do or buy. Consumers are using their desktop less, with 61% using only their phones now. This means for all the effort you put into your designer website or print ad, you are still missing out on impulse buys.

To get more foot traffic, leads, and sales your marketing has to be real-time and location relevant.

Capture Consumers in the Moment

Gone are the days of the weekly shopping list. Today, consumers don’t need to plan in advance. Technology, online giants and to-your-doorstep fulfillment frees them of the cumbersome need to plan and organize everything in advance.

But for local businesses without big tech budgets or nation-wide awareness this makes it hard to survive. Being front of mind when consumers are making that purchase decision means being in front of them as they search on their phones for something they want.

Successful marketing for your local business needs to focus on getting discovered by consumers on their phones.

So what do you do?

Social media timelines are cluttered, consumers cannot remember what they saw earlier in the day, and when they need it, they cannot find it. Trending algorithms ensure ads get priority and popular big brand posts are on top.

The good news is consumers want to act locally, and acting locally means they can connect and engage with local businesses wherever they are with their phones. To connect your marketing must capture impulse buys with location relevant real-time content.

  1. Real-time Content – Being real-time means posting photos of your products and services at the times most likely to capture consumers’ attention. If it’s Friday afternoon, capture the after work drinks crowd with a post about specials that afternoon. Market to this consumer in the moment, right when they are looking for somewhere to go.
  2. Location relevant – Being location relevant is easy for local businesses. If a consumer can discover your content, and realise you are nearest them, you will win their business. Your post about a lunch special needs to target the people looking for lunch in your area.

Being Present Isn’t Hard

With InstantLocal you can take advantage of an app designed to connect consumers to local businesses on their phones.

InstantLocal provides a simple-to-use app for your businesses to post photos of products and services in real-time, based on your location.

Consumers can discover local business offers newest and nearest them. There are no ads, sponsored content and fake reviews on InstantLocal.

It really is that simple. Generate leads from marketing in the moment to consumers on their phones as they search to discover something to eat, drink, buy or do. You don’t need to spend a fortune on big tech or big budget ads.

Get started today. Download InstantLocal on Google or Apple, list your business and start posting.

(photo credit: Rob Bye)


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