Curious About Optimizing Your Product Listings? Try Amber AI

Zinus is now fatiguing as a key concept in the titles of the top 100 beds selling on Amazon. Last month (in the first week of July) it started energizing. At that time they held 36 of the top 100 best-selling products in this category. Now (as at 5 Aug) they have 32. The other concepts that are fatiguing in this category are memory foam and queen! Believe it or not, tufted fabric and legs are energizing because it seems everyone wants to buy platform bed frames now (not mattresses!)

If you’re a furniture supplier who sells on amazon and you want to optimize your product listings without having to do all the keyword search in-house save 1000s of hours and signup for the Amber AI beta. With Amber AI anyone on the team can start actioning ai derived insights – as opposed to researching keywords, working out whether or not they are relevant, and then getting the right person on the team to digest and act on them, it saves 1000s of hours.

Want to try it yourself? Sign up for our beta here:


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