You think big tech and same day delivery gives the online giants an advantage?

With the huge budgets for tech, fulfillment systems, warehouses and fleets of planes it might seem impossible to compete with them.

Even Target, Macy’s, and other big box retailers are struggling to compete. But local business have the advantage, even in this “David and Goliath” struggle.

You Have Something the Giants Don’t

The big online giants have invested heavily to overcome your natural advantage – your location. One of their biggest costs is to ship orders. Amazon spent over 12% of revenue on shipping in 2016, and these costs are rising rapidly as they move to same day and 2-hour shipping.

They know consumers are making spontaneous purchase decisions. They are making online ordering and delivery as convenient and as fast as possible.

So how does a local business, big or small, compete?

While the online giants spend billions they cannot replicate your most important advantage easily, but your location alone isn’t going to win the battle. Consumers still expect more advanced digital services than what’s generally on offer at most local businesses.

To win you are going to need to get discovered, offer location relevant content and be innovative in using on demand and share economy services to engage  consumers, in store, by phone and online.

Being Locally Discoverable

With 94% of consumers searching to buy locally, and 85% preferring to purchase locally, being locally discoverable can help you win these sales.

You need to focus your local strategy on connecting with consumers in the moment, when they are making purchase decisions. This means posting about your products and services in real-time and making sure they are discoverable to local consumers where and when they are searching.

Local discovery apps, social media and social sharing are all critical to building up a web of relevant content to capture consumers. You need to be proactive, pushing out content in real-time to meet consumer demand in the moment.

Capturing consumers in the moment, and in their location, doesn’t mean big expensive technology. Nor does supporting their engagement needs.

You don’t need your own app and you don’t need your own own delivery fleet. Technology disruption has already provided a wide selection of services that are easy and cost effective for local businesses, and consumers. With only minimal effort you can tap into this network to ensure consumers know where you are, how they can find you and what fulfillment options you support.

With InstantLocal, and on-demand and shared economy services local business can compete and win.

Where do you start?

Compelling content that is location relevant at the moment consumers are searching for something to eat, do or buy must be part of your digital marketing. A print ad or static website is not enough in today’s mobile market.

With Instantlocal you can quickly and easily create, publish and share photo based posts about your products and services. Using the app you can post immediately or schedule to publish at the moment you want to engage consumers.

By combining your posts on InstantLocal with information featuring on demand services for ride share and local delivery options you can extend your reach all from your location. You can grow your sales incrementally while adding little in new operating costs.

It might feel like a David and Goliath struggle for local business, but using simple and cost effective innovative services available today  you can slay the giants. InstantLocal can help, sign up today for your free account and get your posts in front local consumers making purchase decisions right now.


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