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Our AI picks up on 1000s of buying signals every week, week after week so you know exactly what works for top vendors in your category!

Learn from the Best Sellers, your main competitors, on what wokrs for them so you can grow your sales & boost your Seller Rank!

Stay ahead of the competition with our one-of-a-kind trending reports so you know the features & benefits in demand by consumers.

We Crunch the data, you Make the Sales

No More Guesswork!

Discover in seconds what works & why from best selling vendors.

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In seconds discover insights on your copy & images, best practice on copy & images, and what themes convert.

Get insights on price changes to trending features and benefits that matter most to consumers.

It’s That Easy.

We’ll set up our account & you get access to your insights on your own dashboard. 

You can see your performance prediction and even test copy and images changes to see what impact they may have, all before you go live.

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Best Seller data analytics, Automated in a click.

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