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We help you harness your brand’s 1st party data to predict if your Google and Facebook ads and website products/promotions will be successful before you launch live.

We do this with our specialized predictive AI machine learning and deep learning, providing you insights so you can assess your promotions and improve them.

Our solution is a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) cloud based solution. You can easily connect your data yourself, like Google Adwords, or contact us for our implementation service. 

Yes, we offer an on-premise solution for AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and other major platforms. Contact us for details.

You do not need to change any of your existing systems.

Just send us an email to support@junction.ai. It will automatically become a support ticket.

And yes, a real human will be back in touch with you. 

AI machine and deep learning using semantic reasoning, image analysis, natural language and neural networks.

In your free trial period, we will set up your account, provide you a demo and training, help you get your 1st model(s) buolt and provide a review/analysis of the data model health, ad creatives and next steps.

For clients on our Full-Service Expert plan we will help you test and identify new creative options to improve your results. Our experts will coach you on learning how to use AI predictions and nights, how to apply them, and meet with you monthly to analyze your progress and report.

Yes, since our clients retain ownership of their data you are responsible for user data. As a 3rd party relationship you must inform us (immediately please) on any GDPR requests.

Your predictions and insights are uniquely generated from only your first party data on that specific channel, so for Google Search Ads the data is directly from your AdWords account.

You can select when you generate your AI Audience Model to select all data or a campaign/ad group. Available campaigns/adgroups are provided so you can select which to model. Remember you still must ensure you have enough data to build a model.

If your campaigns/ad groups are organized with audience targeting this is the data we receive so your model will automatically reflect the settings and audience(s) you have set up in Google or Facebook.

If you select all data/all campaigns then all data on all audiences are used.

Yes, our enterprise plan provides support for specialized integrations into these other data sources. We work with you to analyze the types of predictions you need so your predictions and insights are specifically targeted.

We can also use data in a csv or JSON export. Talk to support@junction.ai for more information.

We are working on adding these as standard data connections, in the meantime let us know your needs.

Your account is deleted, including your model and data. We do not retain a copy for security purposes.

Yes, you can benefit from our Creative Sandbox which provides a view of what a computer sees you communicating. This can help ensure your creative is understood by ad platforms, to improve targeting.

You can also use the Web Promotions test if you already have Google Analytics data. Using insights and predictions on your website creative can be a good indicator of the messages you can use for your advertising.

Creative Sandbox allows you to test copy and image creative to get a computer vision assessment. This assessment shows you what a computer vision platform “sees” in your creative. Use this at the beginning of a campaign to get an understanding of whether your message is communicating what you think it is.

Creative sandbox does not analyze your creative using your AI Audience Model, it does not provide predictions or insights.

This test template allows you to test creative you might use on a website or landing page. It harnesses your Google Analytics data to deliver predictions and insights on creative for your website or landing page.

If you do not have any advertising data you can use the Web Promotion test template for predictions and insights that may be useful for an initial advertising campaign.

We are working on adding these as standard data connections, in the meantime let us know your needs.

I have data from customers in Salesforce, CRM, or a POS. Can these be used?

Yes, our enterprise plan provides support for specialized integrations into these other data sources. We work with you to analyze the types of predictions you need so your predictions and insights are specifically targeted.

We can also use data in a csv or JSON export. Talk to support@junction.ai for more information.

Yes, you can choose to create an AI Audience Model focused on clicks or conversions, depending on your campaign type. There will be differences in the scoring and insights based on the model.

Our app goes over all your data to analyze the whole picture across all campaigns/ad groups included. Scoring is based on clicks or conversion models and the formula adjusts based on the choice. The score positions the ad creative based on all the other ads it has data on, from the best to the worst performing.

The scoring is designed to indicate progress on optimizing a creative.

The keywords identified or found in Google may differ from our insights as the keyword data, search data and all other data points, are used to find strong relationships between the data to generate concepts. These concepts represent the underlying derived data. The concepts are a means of understanding what you are communicating and how prominent it is to your audience. The concepts are predictions on what would improve a creative, the keywords in Google are based on what has happened by users or what you identified as targets.

Knowing more about the concepts that our app predicts will engage the audience provides you more information to better select targets and messaging without having to assess millions of data relationships.

The improvement suggestions contain concepts our app’s AI has predicted are prominent and likely to engage your audience. You need to review these concepts as insights to your messaging and determine how or whether to include the insights to your creative. It may mean updating a headline or description, including a concept in the image or checking your traffic’s destination, website or landing page, to see if the concepts are prominent there too.

You need to assess the improvement suggestion insights to determine if they are relevant, meet your brand’s message and goal, and reflect the campaign’s purpose. The AI is only informing you on insights to your data and message.

If you cannot see your message accurately reflected in the insights you might not be communicating your message and purpose as clearly as you think, or the campaign risks not being understood, reducing potential engagement.

You can contact support@junction.ai for help. Our office hours for support are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Central Time.

In the app you can use our wizard to help get your data connections set up. Also use the “?” options to get more details.

When the app generates your AI Audience Model it imports a few ads as part of the test process. You can delete these or use them to get started.

Yes, you can upload and test ad creative from competitors to see what messaging concepts are prominent to your audience. Use these, if appropriate, to improve your creative to engage and expand your audience.

You can also use your competitor URL in the URL field, to mimic sending traffic with your ad creative to their website/landing page. This will provide you details on the concepts in their traffic destination that are prominent for your audience, providing you with insights on what you can add/change in your ad creative.

Yes, on the Accounts option you can select to add a team member and assign them a role. You can update their details here, delete them if needed. You team members can also update their onw details.

On the Accounts option you can assign admin or team user roles. Admin users can add, edit and remove other users, and access billing details. Team users have full access to the app but cannot add, edit or delete users, or access billing information. Team users cannot change account settings.

You can have multiple accounts under the same access details. Accounts are accessed by clicking on your avatar/account details on the right-hand side.

Our sales team will happily set up a new account for you. Contact hello@junction.ai or support@junction.ai

We use Stripe for billing processing. You can update your billing details on the Stripe link on your invoices or contact support@junction.ai.

You can reset or update your password using the Forgot Password option available on login.