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Integrate the easiest, most accessible AI analytics into your advertising, e-commerce & streaming media platforms.

Junction AI Integrate AI Analytics for Platforms

Power your Platform with AI Analytics

AI Analytics as a Service​

We make AI analytics accessible to all with our AI deep learning platform. Harness the power of our AI & your customers’ data to deliver predictions & insights that transform marketing ROI.

Our micro-service API first architecture means your advertising, e-commerce & streaming media platforms benefit from a fully integrated AI analytics. All without the time & cost of data science, AI engineers & infrastructure. Customized to your needs, with service & support to make sure your AI strategy succeeds. 

Featured Partners

Amazon Insights to E-Commerce Brands

Optimizing Product Listings for Brands Selling on Amazon.

Junction AI & Amber Engine are partnering to give e-commerce brands a BIG advantage – an AI designed to optimize Amazon product listings.  

“Amber,” the e-commerce brand’s new personal AI assistant, guides brands to create high-converting product listings on Amazon and other online marketplaces to cut through the noise and reach more customers in more compelling ways.

Amber AI builds predictions about what optimizations will produce the best sales copy, product data and product imagery.

Eye Off the Ball

Powering Fan Acquisition with IQ Sports™

Junction AI & Qualex integrate AI Audience Models™ to optimize marketing creative for new & existing fans. 

Sports teams need to constantly acquire new fans & engage their loyal fans to thrive. And in a post pandemic world, more than ever. 

Using our AI machine learning predictions & insights from Google & Facebook campaigns, plus integrated analytics from Salesforce & Twitter data we power sports marketers to understand the creative to attract new fans & engage existing fans.

Fully Supported AI Analaytics as a Service

Your Data + Our AI Expert Analytics Service is all You Need!

We work with you to harness your platform’s data assets so your turn data into valuable insights for your customers. 
Our AI solution & expert analytics team work with you to deliver an AI Analytics solution perfect for your advertising, e-commerce & streaming media platforms.

Your AI Managed Service Solution

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