How It Works

We transform your platform’s brand & user generated content into valuable insights. 

Test & optimize ad creative, improve SEO on e-commerce listings, dicsover audience demand, identify features and benefits driving result & more…

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Cut the time & cost of powering AI analytics for your platform

We are the fastest to market, most accessible & comprehensive AI analytics service for advertising & e-commerce marketing.
Junction-Insights API-Connect
Data Tranformation

We ingest your data, source other data needed & standardize/sanitize.

Junction-Insights API-Model Data
Model & Benchmark
Our autoML solution rapidly processes & analyzes the data to uncover key opportunities.
Junction-Insights API-Report Insights
Insights & Reporting
We deliver predicitons & insights right where work gets done – your platform.

Unique AI Audience Model

Harness Your 1st Party Data

We build a virtual audience with our AI so you eliminate time consuming & expensive A/B testing, live experimentation & avoid wasted spend.

Your audience, your insights.

Unlimited Creative Testing

Optimize Before Spend

Find out what works with your virtual audience. Test images, video & copy for insights to optimize digital creative before you deploy. 

Audience insights for winning campaigns.

Results in Seconds

Instant performance predictions

Your AI audience model harnesses up to 28,000 data points and runs up to 75 million tests in seconds delivering the highest degree of confidence in predictions.

Predictions backed by your own data.

Channel specific insights

Right creative for the right channel

Audiences are different and behalf differently on different channels. Generate predictions and insights specific to each channel.

Target creative performance.

Data Backed Decisions

Back experience with data

Bring objectivity to your campaign decision making. Grow your competitiveadvantage harnessing AI to power performance and reduce risk.

It’s your unfair advantage.

Boost ROAS

Fast predictions, immediate results

Bring AI & data science to boost productivity by dramatically reducing expensive a/b testing & live experimentation so ads deliver performance on Day 1, not Day 180!

Stay ahead of the competition.

You need a competitive advantage to win. Our online AI services are first of kind in analyzing creative for advertising and product marketing. And we’ve made it point and click, the easiest online solution in the market. No more months of waiting for IT projects, build your very own personalized AI Audience Model™ in a click today.

Your Unfair Advantage

Proven impact and results, your ultimate growth hack!