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Improvement Suggestions Now Your Guide to the Ultimate Ad Creative

Junction AI introduced “Improvement Suggestions” to help guide marketers on optimizing ads early in 2020. This is a first of its kind innovation for marketers and advertisers looking to dramatically improve ad creative effectiveness using the power of AI deep learning..

our proprietary AI deep learning platform learns which concepts, based on your audience data, will have the biggest impact on your ad results.

Using our Improvement Suggestions beta over the past months our clients have experienced big benefits. The results are impressive: 8x growth in $ value per conversion, 350% growth in click throughs (CTR) and cost savings up to 68% per ad engagement.

Improvement Suggestions 2.0

We’ve taken Improvement Suggestions to the next level. In our latest product update Improvement Suggestions guide you step by step, field by field, for the ultimate optimization to power ad creative effectiveness.

When you optimize your ad creative on the Junction AI platform you see Improvement Suggestions for every element of your ad creative. Suggestions are specific to each copy field, i.e. each headline for a Google Search Ad or each copy field on Facebook ads. Suggestions are provided for images too. And we provide insights on your traffic destination – the url in your ad – reflecting your website or landing page.

Improvement Suggestions are triggered within seconds when you test an ad creative. The insights include suggestions on concepts to include or beef up and those to reduce or remove. The insights apply to words in ad copy, like including “software” but removing “online”, or concepts in images, like including a ukulele in a Facebook or the best color for the product.

Our unique AI deep learning platform provides a deep look into data relationships between your ad creative and your audience data. These data relationships offer opportunities for marketers to optimize ads that deliver dramatically better results.

Being able to quickly and easily harness AI analytics is critical. Marketers need insights that drive clearer and more targeted messaging to better engage audiences. With Junction AI’s Improvement Suggestions marketers achieve better results for ad spend as they eliminate underperforming ads before they are deployed.

Improvement Suggestions change as data changes. We’ve seen dramatic changes as the seasons changed from spring to summer. Insights can reflect suggestions related to major events like Earth Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day. We’ve even seen insights on which product models to promote, paint colors and locations to target!

Our Improvement Suggestions help you crunch your data in mere seconds, making it easy for marketers to quickly adapt and optimize in real time. They guide a marketer to more effective ad creative.

It’s like having your very own personalized AI data scientist at your fingertips 24/7!

Contact us for a demo and training on using Improvement Suggestions to dramatically boost your ad creative effectiveness.






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