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Innovation Hack for Search Ads by RC Marketing

RC Marketing is one of our first agency customers. They specialize in branding, growth marketing and all things digital.

So, we knew when they got their hands on the platform we’d be in for some great feedback.

RC Marketing was testing Google Search ads, they had run numerous variants on the Junction AI platform. Almost always they got a very low and very similar score. It didn’t make sense.

They ran competitor search ads and got the same result. Then came the light bulb moment.

RC suspected the website/landing page was not as optimized as it could be. And knowing how critical the landing page is for Google Quality Score they wondered if they could prove their suspicion.

On the Junction AI search ad test template, you can add a URL. We crawl that URL, same as Google does (actually in more detail as we read the images too). RC kept their existing search ad copy and then simply put in the competitor URL. Then they rescored their ad copy…

The result? Scores went up big time. RC Marketing had the proof that the ads were already highly optimized, but the landing page was failing.Armed with this information and the incredible volume of data our platform tests on, RC Marketing had the evidence to prove the client needed to invest in improving the landing pages. And this evidence was specific to their actual audience giving them even more confidence in making the changes needed.

Read on for more info here: Case Study: RC Marketing

If you discovered an innovation hack while using Junction AI we’d love to hear about it!  Contact us at support@junction.ai.


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