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Junction AI Product Release: More Analysis Options & Integrations to Workflow

The latest upgrade to Junction AI’s platform has arrived! Release 1.9.5 brings with it an updated workspace and some great new features such as:

Recent Creatives Tab
Our new update has the Recent Creatives navigator automatically adapting to your most recent use, making navigation between creatives easier than before! Your Recent Creatives navigator remembers your last saved settings, allowing for the better continuation of your workspace.

Junction AI-Navigate Ad Creative


Review Page
The newly added Review page offers a way to easily look at all the creatives in a dashboard, allowing you to filter by tags and keywords, and also sort by performance rating.

Junction AI-Review Manage Search Ad Creatives


Through the Review page, you will now be able to select specific ads to compare; making analysis even easier!

Enhanced Analysis & Validation
To further improve your analysis of your creative and audience insights, our new Results Breakdown section now displays more insights, and connects analysis tools together to help you validate your message and your creative effectiveness.

Junction AI-Analytics on Creative-Results Breakdown


Some of the other great improvements and additions now live on Junction AI are:

  • Create a Comparison: now you have the ability to select and compare specific creatives to assess performance predictions, track and analyze.
  • Link Google Ads: connect a new ad creative or imported ad creative to Google Adwords analytics to track key performance metrics in a Comparison.
  • Deploy to Google Adwords: our new direct deploy feature allows you to automatically deploy an ad creative from Junction AI to Google. Update existing ads with Junction AI optimization or deploy a new creative.
  • Performance Tracking: select an ad creative on your Review screen, link to Google if you haven’t already, and get the latest metrics in your ad Performance Summary including impressions, clicks and conversions.

Book a call with our Customer Success team to review these changes and the way they can help optimize your ads and keep an eye out for upcoming posts that dive deeper into some of these features!

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