Junction AI-Product Update

Junction AI Product Release Update – 1.8.3

Today we released the latest upgrade to Junction AI’s ad optimization platform.

With Release 1.8.3 we’ve updated and added a variety of new product features including:

Optimization Insights in context

  • drive more targeting optimization for the ultimate in creative effectiveness. Our improvement suggestions are now provided per field for copy, images and even your traffic destination URL. Read more here.

Easier navigation to your creatives

  • your testing page now includes a collapsible carousel navigator so you can quickly and easily access your saved creatives.

Revamp of our Audience Reaction metrics

  • we translated the data to provide you more info on your most prominent concepts in your creative. The new weighting score indicates the proportional weight (probability) of the concept. The new Reaction Score reflects the prominence of the concept or insight to your audience

URL field on Web promotions

  • You can now test a url on a web promotion creative to get improvement insights related to the traffic destination, and use it to capture concepts from competitors

Book a time with our Customer Success team to review the changes and any impacts on your account. We’d love to walk you through the update!

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