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Local Discovery with InstantLocal Rebrands With New AI Enhanced Personalization Engine

Instant Local has rebranded as Junction AI as it tackles the challenge of eliminating information overload for travelers by matching personalized travel experiences to each customer using artificial intelligence.

In Jan 2017 Instant Local launched its nearest me/newest offer local discovery app in Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth. Within months the app featured 800 businesses with posts on where to eat, shop and do stuff locally.

Junction AI evolved from months of testing with users and businesses with a clear need to deal with information overload for travelers and the costs businesses face in connecting their offers to the right travelers.

Junction AI’s personalization engine uses artificial intelligence based on neural networks, semantic reasoning, natural language processing and image analysis. Through understanding a traveler’s context and location marketers can automatically match the right experiences, offers, events, products and services to each traveler.

The solution is offered as a software as a service (SaaS) system eliminating the need for companies to invest in their own AI infrastructure and resources. It is embedded in harmony with existing customer channels like apps, websites and email marketing, and back end business systems like CRM systems, product and services databases and 3rd party partner systems.

In this way travel companies can deliver unique experiences matched to each customer, perks and amenities to VIPs, or special offers that reflect the location and context of a traveler at that moment.

Growth in the travel and hospitality sector depends on offering exceptional customer experiences, especially to attract and retain highly valued frequent customers. Junction AI offers marketers the opportunity to create loyal fans while differentiating their brand with real-time, location relevant, personalized experiences.

Want to know more about how marketers can use AI to enhance travel loyalty and deliver exceptional customer experiences? Talk with us!

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