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Junction AI Manage Ad Creatives

Managing Ad Creatives – A Deep Dive Into The New Review Page

Introduced with our latest product release, the Review Page is the latest feature to launch on the Junction AI platform. Its designed to give you faster, easier opportunities to help you manage, organize and track performance across your ad creatives.

The optimized layout presents a dashboard of all saved ad creatives, allowing you to pan over them, making it easier to sort through them.

Plus, you can search through ad creatives using tagsĀ or reorganize ad creatives to rank them from best performing to lowest performing!

Stay Organized with Tags

You can add tags easily by clicking on an ad creative through the Review page, and add a tag using the option listed at the bottom of the ad creative overview. These options allow further customizability and create a more intuitive means that makes it easier to stay organized.

Plus we’ve helped out a little too, any ads imported from Google or Facebook are automatically tagged as “import” saving you the trouble!

Link Live Ad to Google

Now capture performance metrics directly from Google with our Link Live Ad option. You can connect the ad creative in Junction AI to your deployed Google ad.

Once your ad is live, performance summary statistics will be automatically pulled in so can get more information about how well your ad performs, along with a preview of the ad!

Junction AI - Link Ad Creative to Live Google Ad


Create & Track Comparisons

Lastly, and most excitingly, our new Review page includes the option to begin comparing creatives! By selecting two, or three creatives, you can easily compare ads in preview, view metrics and track performance predictions! Once ads are linked to live Google ads performance metrics will automatically display.

Using the Performance History, the test scores You’ll also get a history of the ad creative performance scoring so you can monitor changes in its predicted performance. With this you can get ahead of the game and re-optimize or know when its time for a creative refresh.


Comparing creatives offers a unique opportunity to see their individual statistics held against one another, and offers a chance to be more proactive in knowing when a refresh is needed or an ad needs to be retired!

Junction AI Compare Ad Performance

Keep watching this space, next we’ll do a deep dive on our new analysis features and how to analyze and compare competitor ads! Just another part of giving you an unfair advantage!

Book a call with us to discuss any of these features or to request a walk through!


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