Managing Ad Creatives – Direct Deploy to Google Ads

Our new product update introduced our Google Direct Deploy feature. This fully integrated option allows you to automatically send your Junction AI optimized creatives directly from your Junction AI platform to Google, where they’re ready to be launched live for your latest campaign.

All you have to do to direct deploy your ad creative to Google is to hit the action menu beside the “Test Creative” button.

Then just click the “Publish to Google” option.

You’ll be presented with an option to update an existing ad, or create a brand new ad.

Publish to Google Options

When you direct deploy to Google we’ll help you place the ad creative in the right campaign and ad group to take advantage of your existing settings, audiences and targeting.

From the drop-down menu, you can select the specific campaign and ad group. For an existing ad, you are presented with a list of the existing ads so you can choose which one to update.

To deploy a new ad creative, just select the campaign and ad group.

Lastly, select “Publish” to get your ad automatically deployed to your Google Ads platform where it’ll be set to a Pause status until you are ready to use it!

The direct deploy features erases any chances of error during transferring of ads. Plus it saves you the time and effort by automating the deployment steps making it even easier to quickly optimize and deploy winning ad creatives!

Book a call with our customer service team to go over the new feature or to request a walkthrough!

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