No Data? Get More Creative Insights with Our Creative Sandbox

Looking for a way to get more insights on your ad creative? Especially when you don’t have any data or are just in the strategic analysis stage?

Try out Junction AI’s “Creative Sandbox”!

In this article, we’ll break down a few quick ways you can get the most out of Creative Sandbox and optimize your marketing strategy to deliver more results.

Our Creative Sandbox is an option that allows you to test the bare bones of ad creative: image, copy, and a destination URL. The most important thing to note here is that there is no Performance Prediction score offered; the ad creative is tested independently through AI image and copy analysis so that you can get an objective result that informs you of the concepts present in your images and copy. This is critical to successful creative execution—specifically related to which concepts the ad creative is presenting.

Pre-test Campaign Ideas
The best part about Creative Sandbox is that it requires no data for it to function. The AI analysis works independently which makes it ideal for testing images or copy ideas before you decide to use them in campaigns.

  • If you’re in the strategic planning phase
  • Are planning a new product launch
  • Are changing your advertising
  • Discovering brand values
  • Need an objective viewpoint

The Creative Sandbox is your friend. Dropping images and copy into the fields let you discover and learn what the most prominent marketing messages are so you know exactly what you’re telling your audience. This helps correct and reduce risk when it comes to spending that accumulates with marketing and advertising. This also helps reduce the discovery time and cost – you can unearth multiple concepts that are directly related with just a single click!

Validating Message
Unsure about what your creative is saying? Confused about the audience’s reaction to your ad-creative?

Use the Creative Sandbox to ensure what you’re attempting to say is *actually* what you’re saying—miscommunication between brand intent and audience understanding can derail marketing strategies. Our AI image analysis will surface concepts that are pulled directly from the images and copy you put into the Creative Sandbox and our Breakdown Section will tell you what you’re really conveying to your audience.

Competitor Testing
One of the biggest advantages of the Creative Sandbox is that it allows for easy, insightful competitor testing. All you need to begin testing is

  • Competitor copy
  • Their Ad Images
  • Url

Inputting those fields will let you test their ad creative images and copy and see exactly what they’re suggesting and how it differs from your own content. This feature lets you break down the structure behind competitor marketing strategies and allows you to optimize your ad creative further to get ahead of the curve.

We even improved Creative Sandbox with an updated URL field. Inputting a URL will trigger a scraper that makes capturing concepts from competitor – or your own – landing pages and websites even easier, and also aids in analyzing competitors.

Lastly, to get the most out of testing on Junction AI, you can now save your Creative Sandbox tests. This makes future post-campaign analysis easier than ever as you’ll be able to reference all your past, saved tests!

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