Predict Creative for Web pages and Landing pages

Now Test Creative for your Website or Landing Pages

Our latest release helps our clients test creative for their websites and landing pages. The right hero image and copy makes a huge difference on your bounce rate, and ultimately, conversions. Testing images and copy on the Junction AI platform will inform you on the best performing creative options, all without lengthy A/B testing or months of SEO.

To get started on web creative testing we’ve added a new easy-to-use data connector for Google Analytics.

This makes it fast and simple to test your creative for promoting products and services on landing pages and websites.

For example, you can now test:

  • hero images for products and services
  • copy on the product or service, including text, descriptions, headlines price and location
  • supplementary images

Instead of making page optimizations, pushing live, waiting for enough traffic to get performance results, revising and then doing that all over again and again, get answers immediately. You can save months of time and cost by running unlimited tests using your actual audience data with our AI platform. Get answers fast on the copy and image concepts that will engage your audience, all before you deploy.

How easy is that!

If you want some assistance in getting going with Google Analytics for Landing Page/Web Page creative testing, contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.

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