AI Audience Model™ from Junction AI

Optimizing Ads with an AI Audience Model™

As digital advertising growth continues and competition increases, the demand for results intensifies. Growth and performance marketers are under more pressure to prove they deliver an impactful result for ad spend.

Introducing Junction AI’s personalized AI Audience Model™ designed exclusively to tackle the challenging demands of online digital advertising.

Costly Live Experimentation

Google and Facebook combined control approximately 60% of the online digital ad markets. Both offer extensive testing tools and ad intelligence to help marketers target their ads. But, marketers are faced with constant and continuous hands on optimization day after day while they strive to get it right. This live experimentation can waste precious time and money on continuous trial and error on sub-optimal ads.

The good news is these ad platforms generate vast amounts of data and metrics while ads run.

Proactive Optimization

With such vast volumes of data and so many variables it’s impossible to predicate what will deliver an optimized ad on “Day 1”. The interplay of creative images, copy, video and the audience interaction are simply too complex to model manually.

Our personalized AI Audience Model™ can harness these data and metrics to improve online ad performance. It allows marketers to create highly optimized ads before spending any funds. This saves a lot of time and money. And it improves the most critical measures of ad success:  return on ad spend (ROAS).

Launching the AI Audience Model™

Junction AI uses AI machine learning to analyze data all within seconds to predict the success of ad creative.

Marketers then can apply their experience and talent to determine what AI generated insights are relevant for their ads.

Our AI machine learning solution creates a model of a brand’s actual audience on key platforms based on the historical performance data. This means the audience model can deliver predictions with a very high confidence level, unlike generic or general population models.

The model delivers audience insights based on real interactions from previous ads for each platform individually. This is why we call it a personalized AI Audience Model™.

A Junction AI Audience Model can incorporate up to 28,000 data variables and run up to 75 million tests within seconds. Marketers can assess an ad, predict its success and deliver insights on the audience’s reaction to the ad creative.

By optimizing before deployment, marketers save up to 90% of the time and cost of traditional live experimentation.

Using an AI Audience Model™

With an AI Audience Model, a marketer can input copy, images or graphics to immediately analyze how the ad will perform. Our ad testing templates reflect typical options for Google Search and Facebook ads, plus testing for web site & landing page images and copy.

Using an audience model marketers can quickly and easily get predictions to help inform them on:

  • whether an ad will under-perform or over-perform their baseline
  • ad concept clarity, including the most prominent concepts; and,
  • insights reflecting the audience’s reaction to the concepts in the ad.

In simple terms, Junction AI can predict if changing your ad’s headline or exchanging an image will make an ad succeed or fail.

The data is all there. AI machine learning does the grunt work of analyzing the data to determine the audience reaction to each word or object (concepts) found in the ad creative.  Marketers then tweak the creative with the right insights to power greater audience engagement.

Combining human judgement and AI predictions delivers more successful, higher performing ad results within minutes.

Leading A Smarter Ad Spend

Junction AI is the first, and the leading AI machine learning solution, designed exclusively for marketers. Take control of your audience data and harness it to power your productivity and results.

Our “no code”, one-click data connection and model building means there is no need for AI programmers or engineers. Our cloud-based solution is designed to securely integrate directly with your data, no pooling or sharing your valuable data assets.

Revolutionize your performance and growth marketing with our personalized AI Audience Model™ solution.

Why not give it a try? Get more information here our on solution, or sign up for our FREE 14 day trial.

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