Accessible AI Analytics for all

Level up to Fortune 500 brands with AI Analytics everyone can afford.

Boost Engagment & Revenue

Predictions & Insights on Marketing Creative

  • Save up to 90% of wasted marketing spend
  • Discover demand generating insights from your audience 
  • Deliver creative that motivate audience engagement   
Google & Facebook Ad Integrations
Unlimited Testing, Users & Multi Account Access
Ad Creative Insights & Analytics
A/B & Creative Metrics Tracking
Integrated Import/Deploy & CSV Import/Export
Standard Audience Models
Specialized/Custom Models (pricing, location, product)
Cross Platform & Custom Analytics
Bring Your Own Data & Custom API integrations
Custom Reporting
White Label
Public/Private/On Premise Hosting

What you Get

Features & support to make you a:

Data Guru

One Click Data Set-up

Clicks or Conversions Models

Data Health Report

Simulated Audience Testing

Performance Prediction Scores

Insights Ace

AI Prediction & Insights Analysis

Image & Copy Analysis

Audience Reaction Analysis

Message Clarity Analysis

Landing Page Analysis

ROAS Super Hero

Expert Coaching

Unlimited Ad Testing

Ad Optimization Suggestions

Training & Full Support

Best Practice Ads Insights

Proven Results

Benefits Realization in Days, Not Months

Our AI understands what GENERATES DEMAND using your actual audience. In seconds our audience simulator identifies the concepts in your marketing creative – copy, images & video – that most successfully engage your audience. 

Boosts your clicks & conversions, lower cost per engagement & save hours wasted of time & effort. We are your unfair advantage.


More conversions and $ per conversions

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Boost impressions & click-throughs

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Save on cost per click & cost per sale

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Junction AI-Save 90% on Ad Spend with AI


Choose our add-on services

You can add these services to any of the plans if they are not already included.

Configuration Services

Let us set up your data connections

Bulk Image Analysis

Save hours on finding the perfect image

Instagram Ads

Get Instagram Predictions

Partner Connections

Integrations to your data sources

Custom Data

Custom AI modeling for non-standard data