AI as a Service Options for Every Budget

Leverage brand & user generated content for insights & predictions that drive successful marketing.

Our AI as a service is accessible & affordable for everyone. 

AI Success

Save up to 70% time & cost compared implementing your own AI Machine Learning project

  • No risky, complex & long development projects
  • Proven AI machine learning capability
  • Trusted, long term & expert partner, not an outsourcer

Challenger: 50&5

Affordable & Fast
Integrate insights in record time, win new clients & lock in retention.
40 PreBuilt Insights

Implement for only $50k plus monthly service & support starting at $5k pm. 

Enterprise: Ask Us

Power Excellence
Grow & maximize client lifetime value with pre built & custom insights.
PreBuilt & Custom Insights

Custom pricing for a flexible & specialized implementation.

Innovator: Revshare

Partner Up
Your clients, their data & our AI, its a win win partnerhip ready to grow.
PreBuilt & Custom Insights

You grow, we grow, it’s a win win, let’s analyze the opportunity together.

What you Get

Features & Support

40 PreBuilt Insights

Clicks & Conversions

Energizing & Fatiguing Trend Analysis

Audience Demand Insights

Features & Benefits Insights

Google Search Ad Copy

Facebook Ad Images & Video

Facebook Copy

Amazon Copy & Images

Performance Prediction Scoring

Concept Clarity

… and more

Data & Modeling Experts

Brand & User Generated Data 

Data Mining

Data Ingestion

Data Standardization & PreProcessing

Natural language Process

AI Image Analysis

Modeling & Model Management

Data Quality & Health Check

Data Segmentation

Data Science & Data Engineering

BYOD & API Data Options


Expert Support

Powered by Junction AI

Full Technical Support

Web Ticketing

Training & Training Support

Best Practice Reporting

Premium Support Options

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Technical Support

End Client Support Collateral

Maintenance & Upgrades

Security & Compliance Management


Choose our add-on services

You can add these services to any of the plans if they are not already included.

KPI Analytics

Align KPIs to Data for Insights & Predictions

Bulk Creative Analysis

Analyze user generated content for insights

Influencer Analysis

What content drives engagement & delivers revenue?

Partner Connections

Integrations to your data sources

Custom Data

BYOD & Custom AI modeling for custom needs