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Our Company

Mission and Story

Our Mission

Junction AI believes every business can benefit from the power of data. But to really power the future of intelligent product merchandising business users need to have data driven insights at their fingertips 24/7/365. This is how they will make decision, affect change and deliver game changing ROI.

Our proprietary AI/ML platform is an end to end solution. It delivers a full data transformation experience, taking raw data, like sales data, ecom product listings, pricing etc, and transforms it into immediately actionable insights like optimizations for a product listing, marketing insights on what converts and critically, highly accurate sales forecasts. 

It’s like giving every member of the team their own on demand personalized AI data scientist!

Our Story

Junction AI is based on the experiences of launching a local discovery app called Instant Local. InstantLocal was a B2B2C app, that provided locals an image based guide on offers, events, products and services that were nearest/newest. The app and our company was featured in CultureMap Dallas as a “startup to watch right now“. But it didn’t solve the information overload problem and just gave marketers even more work. We knew we had to transform how personalized marketing worked. Marketers didn’t need more data and another channel to manage. They need a tool to understand their all their existing data and then do something with it!

In July 2017 we developed an AI that analyzed marketers data to understand buying intent and how this is driven by location, context, behavior, and values. We were successful in becoming 1 of 10 finalists in the Marriott, Accenture Interactive and 1776 Travel Experiences Incubator in August 2017 on our technical proof of concept. To help marketers do something with all this data we built an “AI as a service” solution that integrates with existing customer channels and backend systems. This eliminates the need for expensive new IT projects and for companies to build their own teams of AI engineers, data scientists and AI infrastructure!

And provides companies an AI capability they can quickly and easily implement for immediate results.

Behind the commitment

Company Founders

Vance Reavie CEO Junction AI

Vance Reavie


20 year IT veteran, specialized in digital strategies and development projects for enterprise platforms internationally. Business founder with 3 successful exits in technology.

Industry leaders

Meet Our Advisors

Ron Schnell

Serial Entrepreneur, Kernel Guru, Educator

Michael Hyatt

Entrepeneur, Investor & Keynote Speaker

Gary Leff

Loyalty Expert, Author of “View from the Wing“

Dacia Coffey

CEO of The Marketing Blender

Jeff Zidell

Customer Loyalty Expert, Senior VP & CMO