Junction AI - Product Update - Video Ad Analysis & More

Product Update: Facebook Video & Carousel Ad Predictions are Here

Need end to end workflow to really drive efficiencies in your pre-testing and ad optimization process?

Our latest product update delivers features you need for full end to end workflow, from pre-testing creatives and optimizing ads to direct Google and Facebook integration to deploy and track performance!

Import and Deploy Ads

No more double handling ad creative. We’ve gone from cutting and pasting existing ad copy and images into the Junction AI platform to our new fully integrated import/deploy service. Now you can select ads to import, rapidly optimize, and redeploy back to Google and Facebook in a few clicks.

Insights from an Industry Leading AI Audience Model

Previously we created 1 model from your 1st party data. Imagine how much better your insights would be if we created multiple models that resulted in a final best of breed AI Audience Model™.

We’ve introduced a technique called “genetic training”. With genetic training we ensure you have a best of breed model, so you know your insights and predictions are more reliable and relevant. In most cases you’ll see higher model confidence rates, especially when you have lower data volumes. Your model training now benefits from trillions of evaluations, instead of mere billions!

Segment Your Audience Model Your Way

Now you can choose the ad campaigns you want to use in your AI Audience Model™. With our campaign selector, you can choose what to model in order to target the AI to train on the relevant dataset. If you organize your campaigns on locations, demographics, products or whatever, just select the campaign(s) you want to include, and we’ll build your model within hours!

And very soon we’ll go further, choose the ad group(s), giving you the ultimate control on your audience model!

Review & Compare Ad Creative

Keep track of your ad creatives with new search, filter and tagging options, plus create comparisons and track live performance.

Easily select ad creatives to track and compare with the Comparisons feature. Group one or more ads into a Comparison and save so you can easily and quickly view and track performance.

Plus, you can keep organized with Tags on ads, filtering and search options, sort best to poorest performance predictions and more.

Linking Ad to Metrics

Validate your creative choices and their performance! Now easily link an ad creative in Junction AI to a live ad. If you imported the ad its linked automatically.

Capture performance for each ad creative or use a Comparison to track multiple ads. Our at a glance metrics make it easy to check on results with a quick view on impressions, clicks and conversions.

Watch this space as we are working on a metrics selector, so you choose and track the metrics that matter most!

Facebook Video & Carousel Ads Arrive

We’re introducing new upgrades to our Facebook ad analysis capability. Now you can performance test Facebook videos, the same as you do an image. Plus, we’ve made it even easier, just select a video from your Facebook video assets in Junction AI for a lightning fast analysis and performance prediction.

If you use Facebook Carousel ads now you can get performance predictions and insights to optimize each image/video in the group. You no longer have to waste any time and money on a poor performing ad creative, whether its #1 in the carousel or #5.

Upload/Export Spreadsheets

Do you use spreadsheets for managing your Google Search Ads copy? You can now use our spreadsheet upload tool to import bulk ads from your spreadsheets saving you tons of time. We use Google’s standard template to make it easy and consistent to Google’s requirements.

We’ve also introduced the option to download a spreadsheet of your ads, via the Review page. Just select the ad creatives to report on, create as a Comparisons, and select export. You can save the selection for quick future reference too.

Over the next weeks watch for our dedicated updates on each of these new features and more.

Want to know more on how to start benefiting from these new features? Our customer success team is reaching out to you to help or go ahead and book a call with our customer success team right away!

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