Product Updates: Improvement Suggestions Engine and More

Junction AI has just released an exciting, and ground breaking, new update to our ad creative prediction platform: our Improvement Suggestions engine.

Improvement Suggestions Engine
Our clients have spoken. The most popular feature request is to make predictions on which concepts to add, remove or introduce, to improve marketing results and ROAS

Utilizing the Improvement Suggestions Engine you can quickly make changes to ad creative and get performance predictions on the spot without spending any funds on live experimentation. The insights are not just limited to the ad creative, they apply to where you send traffic like a website or landing page. Armed with this information you can focus your optimization efforts on the concepts that can dramatically improve engagement and conversions, as well as ad quality scores.

Already we’ve seen impressive results. Instant Teams achieved a 2x uplift in engagement at 50% less cost per click!

The new Improvement Suggestions Engine beta is available to all our clients. We’ll be in touch to discuss how you can utilize the suggestions capability and get your feedback.

We’ve also introduced other in demand updates in this release including:
Audience Model Segmentation
A very popular request! Choose to create an audience model based on all ad data or ad data from a selected campaign.

The segmented model option means you can target your audience model to test against a specific campaign. This will help deliver better predictions and insights for an audience segment, critical to brands that have multiple audiences, numerous campaigns and multiple products or services.

Auto-import ads
Get feedback and insights on what’s working now!

Now Junction AI automatically imports, analyzes, scores and saves a report of your 5 top performing live ads. These are great templates for creating new ads as the scoring and analysis informs you on what concepts worked for your image and copy.

Click Through or Conversions Audience Models
Do you report on clicks or conversions?

Now you can now choose the AI Audience Model™ you need. When you add a data connection you can select to create a click through or conversion audience model so your scoring, analysis and reporting reflects what matters to you.

Data Health Check
Is your data quality good?

Now you can check out some vital stats on the quality of your data, the basis of your AI Audience Model™. Just connect a data source and once your model builds you can access metrics on confidence, accuracy, variance, # of data points and other key indicators.

Prediction Scoring
Scoring differences a bit dramatic?

We’ve updated scoring so it is now more reflective of your overall performance curve. We’ve incorporated a wider variety of data points, modeling more data and preforming more data evaluations.

Get started
To take advantage of these updates follow these steps:

  • login to your dashboard
  • go to “Data”
  • add your data connection or hit Refresh on existing connections

After your updated audience model is complete you are ready to run new tests or rescore existing predictions. Scoring will fluctuate a bit as the new training and predictions are implemented.

Our team will be in touch this week to walk you through the new updates and how to best use them for your next campaign.

With this update Junction AI is giving you the power to make better use of your data to get better ad results. Our Improvement Suggestions is directly aimed at “decloaking” some of the mystery behind the ad and analytics platforms like Google and Facebook. We make harnessing your audience data from these platforms simple, so you can reap the rewards.

Talk to us today about using these new features and how we can help improve your results! And if you interested in getting started with Junction AI signup for our free 30 day trial.

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