Product Update: New Performance Prediction Scoring, More Context Plus More - Junction AI
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Junction AI Product Update-Prediction Score

Product Update: New Performance Prediction Scoring, More Context Plus More

Our latest release is now live!

Our team is always working to deliver the most accessible and easiest way for you to get the best insights on your audience. Our new release focuses on helping you understand context on the prediction score, model and improve your testing options.

Here’s just a quick update on our newest release so you can be sure you didn’t miss any of these great updates.

Notice our New Scoring System? 

On Junction AI your ad creatives will now be scored between 0 and 10, changing from -10 to 10. You can see that reflected in the Creative Scores Overview chart on your Dashboard home screen of the Junction AI platform. This chart provides a summary overview of the scores of all the ads you’ve tested and imported, so you know where you stand and where to direct your time and energy.

Our new Dashboard overview chart breaks down the scores into four sections. The breakdown is:

  • 0-2: Mediocre; needs more work
  • 3-4: Average; performing moderately well but room for improvement
  • 5-6: Good; ad creatives from 5 and above are performing well
  • 7-10: Awesome; these are superstars, ad creatives scoring are over-performing

Junction AI New Ad Performance Overview

More Performance Guidance

Now on when you are doing your tactical testing and optimizing, Junction AI provides you more context on the ad creative you are scoring. With this update you get a better indication of the performance opportunity and how this compares with your historical results. We also provide details on the accuracy of the scoring precision so you can take that into account.

Junction AI New Performance Prediction Scoring

Importing Facebook Ads

A minor update, but helpful all the same. We’ve gone ahead and updated the number of ads you can now import at one time, raising the limit to 50 ads! That’ll make optimizing your ads easier. You can select a date range, ad status and whether to replace or skip existing ads already imported. Plus our import wizard gives you the granular controls to individually select ads you want to import.

Junction AI Import More Ads

Creative Sandbox

Creative Sandbox allows you to analyze copy and images without any audience data. This allows you to test concepts and validate your marketing messages in our Breakdown Section where you can validate creative concepts to ensure they are relevant and aligned to what you think – or assume – they mean.

This makes it perfect when you are in the strategic planning phase, have a new product to kick off or are new to advertising.

We’ve improved creative sandbox with a new URL field. This triggers a URL scraper which makes capturing concepts from your website easier and faster, as well as analyzing competitors. Links tested will pulling in publicly available content so you can quickly capture the key concepts behind their landing pages and websites.

To ensure that you get the most out of testing on our platform, you can now also save your tests on Creative Sandbox! Saving your discovery work will help make it a great reference for future analysis post campaign so you can review your assumptions versus your real world impact.

Junction AI Creative Sandbox Testing Update

AI Audience Model Summary

Plus don’t forget from our earlier product update, you now have an AI Audience Model™ Summary. The summary informs you on the critical details about your model, so you know exactly what data you’ve modeled, along with the model confidence, the scoring model, and when you last refreshed! Remember: refresh frequently to add your most recent audience data from your campaigns so you get better and more relevant insights.

Junction AI Model Overview

On a final note, Facebook has started implementing a variety of changes related to their creative assets management and analytics. We are actively working to update our integrations with Facebook as quickly as possible. These changes, along with the updates to Apple iOS regarding tracking, and Google’s changes to eliminate 3rd party cookies, impact our integrations.

Our Success Team is also actively monitoring this progress and is on standby for any concerns or questions you might have, contact us!

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