The Right Tool for the Job

We run a lean business at InstantLocal. To help us succeed, we use tools to save us time, deliver better results and allow us to extend our reach. We know that most small and medium sized businesses don’t have a lot of free time or excess budget for marketing. We also know how staff and owners need to play multiple roles, and how sometimes they need to outsource work that is core to their business due to a lack of skills or difficulties in achieving the results desired.

Marketing on social media is critical to businesses, but to be effective, social media posts need to be:

  • engaging to grab attention
  • frequent to maintain that engagement and brand awareness
  • posted across multiple online channels to maximize reach
  • And most importantly, they need to be monitored to help us learn and improve.

But how can a time-strapped business do all of this? They can learn and use a variety of different complex systems and tools. Or they can outsource their social media work, costing thousands per month and putting control of their lead generation, brand and customer relations in the hands of others. We designed our InstantLocal app knowing these challenges first hand.

InstantLocal provides a simple solution by taking advantage of what we all do now – use our smartphones to take pics of what we are eating or doing, buying or seeing. With a simple “Snap it, Tag it and Post it” tool, businesses can create a photo-based post on the spot, add a title and description and post it live on InstantLocal all within seconds. InstantLocal also makes it simple for businesses to share these posts to their other social channels and their customers can do the same, helping expand their exposure and potential for each post. And InstantLocal provides businesses with the real-time impact metrics they need to help them see which posts worked best, allowing them to improve results with future posts.

InstantLocal not only simplifies posting to social media and monitoring results, it also provides businesses with new customer engagement channels. Customers can use the app to find their business, discover new offers in real-time, create favorite lists and boards, and share posts to their family and friends across their social networks. Businesses automatically get their own mobile “homepage” featuring all their photo posts to help improve their visibility, all free of competing ads, sponsored content and user reviews.

We benefit greatly from using the right tool for the right job. We believe InstantLocal is a tool any business owner or staff can use to quickly create and publish new photo posts on their products and services in real-time.

Next time you have a minute between customers, just think what you could achieve using InstantLocal.

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