Junction AI Test Creative for Facebook Ads with AI

Test and Predict Ad Creative for Facebook Ads Now Rolling Out

Everyone’s been asking for it. Facebook Ad testing is one of the most requested feature.

In this latest release we launch our testing tool for Facebook Ads, specialized for Facebook’s Web Traffic ad option.

To get started you’ll need to have access to a Facebook Ad Manager account and already have run ads, so you have audience data.

Just add the data connection on the Data page, using your Facebook account ID. Once our platform has modeled and trained the data you can get testing.

Do unlimited image and copy tests to determine the right creative before you start spending money on deploy ads. Save months of trial and error by running variant testing on your own audience data with our AI running up to 75 million tests every time you hit “Score”.

Think about how long and how much money that would cost doing it live…

If you want some assistance in getting going with Facebook Ad testing, contact us at support@junction.ai and we’ll be happy to help.

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