The 4 Things Outperformers Do To Succeed In B2B Commercial Analytics #3: Use Flexible Data, Algorithms. And Tools.

Once the first two steps are complete, outperformers then make sure they have flexible data and tools. This is a standard step that most companies who use analytics always do. If you are starting out with a new analytics strategy, this step is vital to success.


Most companies usually think they don’t have enough high-quality data to implement new insights. In our experience with clients, almost all companies have a decent-enough level of internal data that we can translate into a data lake to get sufficient product insights. Companies usually use a small portion of their data, but there are valuable insights from the data that’s beneath the surface. That’s where the strength of our platform comes in. With our AI tech, we can bring hidden insights up to the surface with no vast pool of data to work with. There have been several occasions where we discovered valuable insights for clients while working with a small amount of data that most companies would think wouldn’t be vast enough to work with AI analytics. 


You would also need a strong understanding of your business. It is vital to combine any analytic tools you use with business judgment to apply these new insights to a strategy that works best with your product and company goals. Once you do this, you are one step closer to standing out above your peers in the B2B analytics space.  


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