Test Image and Copy Creative with AI

Use Sandbox to Get AI Analysis of Your Creative

What do you do while your data model and AI training is underway?

If you are like anyone else using our platform you want to get right into testing your creative. But wait… you need your audience data to start right?

This product update offers a new feature we call Creative Sandbox. Simply put it allows you to test image and copy creative with our AI platform so you can see what AI machine learning understands.

It means you can jump right in and start testing, even before your audience data is ready.

Aside from the fun, why does this matter?

If you are thinking about using an image, and believe it reflects your campaign strategy, run it through to see what AI machine learning says. You might be surprised what you discover. What you think is obvious may not be the case.

You’ll also want to know what AI machine learning is seeing as networks and social media sites use AI machine learning when they analyze your ad copy and images. This can significantly impact where ads are displayed and to whom ads are displayed.

There are lots of other uses for Sandbox, please send us any insights or hacks you discover!

If you want some assistance in using Sandbox, contact us at support@junction.ai and we’ll be happy to help.

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