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We're on a Mission

Free Your Mind isn’t just a catchy phrase. It’s our core mission.

AI/ML is driving big change. Retailers, ecommerce marketplaces, product managers & martech platforms need to adopt AI/ML into day to day operations.  But AI success is a challenge. When it works it saves time & cost, improves service & helps humans focus on the highest value activities.

Our mission as your AI-as-a-Service partner is to ensure you succeed, to free your mind so you focus on your business goals, not the tools. And our first-of-its-kind no code AI/ML platform is proven to deliver in 2/3rd less time & cost than in-house, outsource or other vendors.

Find out what makes us different & why we are your AI-as-a-Service partner.

Fusing Technology & Business

We're Different, It's a Good Thing

Our story didn’t just start with Junction AI!

We’ve always been committed to practical application of technology innovations. And that whatever we do it has to matter to the front office – marketing, sales, business strategy, finance.

Creating simple & eloquent solutions for complex day-to-day business challenges is the fuel that drives us. 

Whether it’s implementing a first-of-its-kind web banking solution or an innovative image-based personalized travel itinerary app we are leaders in practical & impactful AI/ML technology solutions.

Our evolutionary JAAS platform – Junction AI-as-a-Service, is a perfect example.

Many struggle to deliver successful AI/ML implementations. It’s tough to find experienced developers & data scientists, or pull your internal team away from other important work. 

Our JAAS platform is the core infrastructure for successful AI/ML implementation.

We automate many of the manual processes, data wrangling, infrastructure needs & data modeling so we can cut 2/3rds time and cost in delivering AI/ML projects. 

And we make it easy to implement, with options like our Insights Marketplace dashboard (white label option), an API or our innovative insight bot chatbot with shared cloud or dedicated infrastructure options. 

Experienced Partners, Growing Together

We don’t just build & deliver like an outsourcer, we partner for the journey. We get into the issues, work with your team as teammates, engage with your customers or clients & continue to build, tune, analyze, train & support your team, like its our business too!

We’re curious, interested & always ready to help at a moments notice!

Our business experience & knowledge means we help diagnose the challenge, focus on the best use case(s), curate the right data & deliver the insights that make a difference everyday. And because we need to answer “why” ourselves our modeling lab is open & available so your insights are explainable, nothing to hide.

That’s how we can deliver successful AI/ML projects for retail, ecommerce & product marketing for brands & the platforms you use everyday.

Values & Commitments

Free Your Mind

We free your mind not just with our work, but with how we partner & do our work.

We are agile – we move fast, iterate, learn. We’re fearless –  anticipate issues & adjust course because we’ve got your back. And we know success comes from a focus on the journey, together.

Deliver Value

We focus on what makes a difference to your business.

We partner over the long term, so we’re working to achieve your goals, whether its tuning models or discovering a new data opportunity.

We iterate & adapt to make it work for you.

Trust & Respect

We want to work with others we trust & respect. Our team is transparent, open, ready to learn & ready to share.

We’ll push back when we see risks, new opportunities or a better way to solve a challenge.

We’ve got your back.

Human AI

We’re not here to replace humans. We’re here to help your scale & augment your human talent.

Great things are possible when we combine AI with human understanding, tribal knowledge & experience.

Success means we learn & grow.

Behind the commitment

Our Team

Diverse & Experienced

Our team are a diverse & passionate group of individuals from around the globe. 

With decades of experience in I.T., business analysis, project management, data analysis, marketing, sales, product development, product management, development and engineering we have what it takes.

Our team has backgrounds and proven success in banking, retail, ecom, real estate, analytics, government and a variety of other sectors. Our business experience, combined with our technical talent means you get seasoned operators who know how complex it is to develop and implement new technology solutions that get used and users love.

Vance Reavie, CEO/Founder has 20+ yrs in tech and business, 3 successful start up exits and is a contributor for Forbes.