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We’re Different, it’s a Good Thing!

Free Your Mind isn’t just a catchy phrase. It’s our core mission.

AI/ML is driving big change. It’s transformational, even revolutionary. 

Your choice is to be ready for it & take advantage of the opportunity. There’s no holding back or your competition will leave you behind.

All the more reason to work with an experienced AI partner who understands business & technology.

Retailers, ecommerce marketplaces, product managers & martech platforms need to adopt AI/ML into day to day operations.  

But AI success is a challenge. When it works it saves time & cost, improves service & helps humans focus on the highest value activities.

Our mission as your AI/ML partner is to ensure you succeed, to free your mind so you focus on your business goals, not the engineering.

And our first-of-its-kind no code AI/ML platform is proven to deliver in 2/3rd less time & cost than in-house, outsource or other vendors.

our values

Human AI

The most important job of the future is the AI Operator, we make it possible for every business team member to engage & benefit, using insights instead of crunching data.


Practical innovation & excellence drives our focus. Our product focus means what was once custom data science work is now available to anyone with a click.


We focused in on automating time consuming & manual ecom product listings & product sales forecasting to save 100’s of hours a month.


We’re not your ordinary SaaS subscription, our Service+Solution model means you get an AI/ML expert partner as excited & invested in your success as you are.

Our Innovations make the press

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