AI Powered Data Insights for Retail & E-commerce Success

Exceptional Forecasting & Marketing

Junction AI offers more than 40 pre-built insights you need for better last mile decisions, fast.  

Our AI/ML apps deliver data driven insights for exceptional demand planning. Grow revenue & reduce supply chain risks with accurate, on demand sales forecasts & lead forecasting, plus insights to optimize product marketing. Integrate to your existing systems or just log in to your insights dashboard – it’s that easy.

Easily accessible, explainable & no code.  

No Code AI/ML Insights for Retail & E-commerce

Fine Tune the Last Mile with Data Driven Insights

Demand planning & product marketing optimization is more complex than ever. More customer channels, demanding inventory requirements, complex distribution & more complex marketing challenge every retailer.

  Slash the time & cost to activate your data for valuable insights to improve demand planning & marketing. Our unique AI/ML data transformation platform delivers an easy “as a service” solution so you spend your time on what matters. 

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Sales Forecasts

Demand Planning

AI/ML delivers vastly more accurate demand planning sales forecasts for your products, including CPG. Manage & update forecasts, run scenarios & identify events that impact sales for forecasting. 

Build supply chain resilience ensures enough inventory, targets it where its needed & protects strategic accounts or locations.

Insights: forecast sales volumes, seasonal variations, holiday variations, energizing & fatiguing sales…

Optimize Product Marketing

Optimize Marketing Conversions

Get insights on the copy & image concepts that are converting customers on major marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart & others. 

Optimize product listings, monitor competitors, source opportunities & apply to your own shop & product marketing.

Insights: converting copy & image concepts, product listing best practices, category benchmarks, energizing & fatiguing concepts, price…

Opportunity targeting

Lead Forecasting

Limited time, scarce resources. Our AI/ML lead forecasting solution helps identify the best clients to target.

Analyze new client opportunities & identify the best opportunities to invest in. Determine the best product client matchs & new product opportunities. 

Insights: sales forecasts, product matching, demographics, brand, color, product, competition, energizing/fatiguing trends…

Audience & Sentiment Analysis

Know What's in Demand

Get insights on what matters to your audience. Know what features & benefits they care most about. Reveal insights to capture attention & convert. 

Discover new audiences, understand your audience, align marketing to funnel stages & reveal audience sentiment.

Insights: demographics, sentiment, positive/negative concepts, message validation…

Trending, Competition & Discovery

Identify New Markets, Analyze Competitors

Grow your audience & market with trending insights, insights on competitors & influencers. Launch new product campaigns with confidence.

Capture data from competitors, influencers & ecom marketplaces to continually stay ahead for insights on trends to inform ads, product listings & packaging creative.

Insights: energizing & fatiguing trends, copy & image concepts influencer analysis, competitor/look alike analysis, brand, color…

Digital Shelf INtelligence

Packaging Creative Analysis

Analyze packaging creative for insights to make sure your products have the right digital shelf appeal.

Compare packaging features & benefits to competitors, identify new packaging trends & validate brand & message impact.

Insights: creative layout, color, brand identify, sentiment, copy & image concepts… 

Insights API for Marketing Platforms

Integrations & Custom Insights

Easily integrated Junction AI as a service to your platform. Deliver advertising, retail, ecommerce & packaging insights to your customers.

Use our white label app, API or innovative “insights bot” to deliver insights right where works gets done today.

Integrate any of our 40+ prebuilt marketing insights or get custom bespoke insights to grow & retain your SaaS solutions.

We work with you to identify the data you need to win with insights that power performance.   
Our AI/ML is designed is designed to inform you on what matters & why. Our expert service team constantly tunes & improves your results so you can free your mind.

It’s like equipping every team member with an AI data scientist.

AI/ML Solutions for Retailers

Free your mind with insights to power better demand planning decisions.