Are you ready for a retail future powered by AI?  

Our intelligent retail automation delivers insights to guide eCommerce marketing, creating optimized product listings with GPT/Generative AI & highly accurate product sales forecasting for each and every product & location. 

And our Service+Solution approach means you have a dedicated expert partner on your side. 

Knowing what’s being searched is one thing, knowing what converts & why is the key to boosting ecommerce conversions.

Junction AI’s unique ecommerce insights captures product data from major online marketplaces across 1000s of product categories every week to expose what copy, images & attributes are driving sales.

  • driving marketing results with insights on every product
  • breakdowns on insights to imprive titles, descriptions, feature bullets & images
  • get insights on trending topics, what’s energizing & what’s fatiguing
  • easily monitor competitors & pricing
  • understand best practice for each product category


Transform your team’s ecommerce intelligence. Junction AI’s ecommerce insights are like equipping every team member with an  automated data science assistant!

Convert more sales online with highly optimized product listings, easily updated for every season or retail event. 

Junction AI’s proproietary solution combines our unique ecommerce conversion insights so your listings are unique, highly relevant & optimized for the product & product category competition.

  • intelliegent category-tuned templates designed from 12 months of category best practice data
  • create, regenerate as often as you need, in seconds
  • control inputs like keywords, select trending insights to further boost your results
  • edit listings & retrain your AI to reflect your brand & voice 


No more guesswork or hours writing product listings. Securely benefit from our private GPT & custom data Generative AI.

Fine tune your supply chain with highly accurate product sales forecasts. Get the right inventory in the right location.

Enable your team to respond quickly to what forecasts are telling them, instead of spending days & weeks preparing forecasts.

  • Uncover actionable planning data
  • Per product & per product/per store or channel individual forecasts
  • Auto learning to constantly improve accuracy
  • Daily, weekly or monthly


Accurate & predictable. Junction AI’s proprietary foreacsting IP outperforms industry leading retailers. 

Insights don’t just happen.

Getting insights & delivering powerful AI/ML automations are only possible with the right tools & infrastructure. 

Our proprietary “JAAS” ML platform is an end to end data transformation pipeline. So whether you need insights on best performing social post images, aligning offers to the best target customer personas or forecasts you need a platform. 

  • Ingest raw data, including unstructured creative data like social posts, product listings or ads & structured data like metrics
  • Pre-processing data to cleanse, organize & prepare for modeling & insights
  • Run “lab” experiments on processed data to validate use cases
  • Benefit from private GPT & custom data options
  • Private/hybrid/shared cloud options


Our platform puts the power of AI/ML at the fingertips of every team member, all without the expensive engineers & data scientists.

Real Results

For Brands, Retailers, Agencies & Partners


AI success depends on the right infrastructure, tools & data modeling. 

Junction AI’s proprietary AI/ML platform is an end-to-end data transformation solution.

From ingesting structured & unstructured data, cleansing & preprocessing, modeling & insight delivery we’ve combined everything you need for AI/ML success.

Private & Secure

Private GPT & custom data protects your data & competitive advantage

Service + Solution

We set everything up, train & support your, your AI partner

Easy to Use

No code, no SQL queries, insights, forecasts & listings in a click

Dashboard & Integration Options

Your own personal dashboard or easy API integration

Works with how you Work

Integrate with Teams, Slack & email for notifications & workflow management

CSV/FlatFile Compatible

Upload/export csv files from your existing tools directly, 


Do you use ChatGPT?

We benefit from the capabilities of ChatGPT generative AI capability, but utilize a private version so you are never submitting your data, IP, product details to the public version. Its more secure & protects your competitive advantage.

Do I need to be a prompt engineer?

We set up all the prompts for you, tested, proven & optimized for each marketplace. We reverse engineer the best practice competitors on each marketplace so your content is uniquely optimized for each channel, no prompt engineering needed.

Is Junction AI Cloud Hosted & With Who?

Our platform is designed agnostically so we can support most major cloud platforms including Azure, AWS & GCP. We utilize leading edge services like DataBricks & others to make it easy & fast to support your integration needs.

What Data are you using?

Our ecommerce insights are based on modeling the top selling products across 1000’s of product categories – a benchmark & your product data, so our solution benefits from a data model that is specific to your product.

Does Forecaster work with Physical & Online Sales?

Yes, our product sales forecasting solution can support an item across all channels, a per item/per store or per channel forecast for maximum flexibility.

How do your Pricing & Plans Work?

Our monthly & annual service + solution approach means you get more than a platform. Plans include setup & onboarding, ongoing service check-ins, new insights & updates plus outstanding support. Plans cater to 100s to millions of products.

AI Automation that Delivers ROI

Automate forecasting & generate ecommerce product listings by leveraging ai to do the grunt work!