AI Powered Data Insights for Retail & E-commerce Success

AI/ML Insights for Everyday Business

Junction AI’s intelligent product merchandising AI/ML platform offers 40 prebuilt insights you need everyday.

Our “as a service” AI/ML solution delivers data driven insights utilizing the latest NLP & computer vision services, infrastructure & data integrations. We integrate, configure, model & manage the technology so you stay focused on the business – it’s that easy.

Accessible insights at your fingertips 24/7/365.  

No Code AI/ML Insights for Retail & E-commerce

Fine Tune the Last Mile with Data Driven Insights

Product marketing, product merchandising & sales forecasting are more complex than ever. More customer channels, demanding inventory requirements, complex distribution networks & more competition means you need AI/ML to automate, scale & grow.  

  Level up with the most advanced AI/ML capabilities powering successful product merchandising. Our unique AI/ML data transformation platform delivers an easy “as a service” solution so you spend your time on what matters most. 

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Sales Forecasts

Sales Forecasting

Ditch the spreadsheets!

AI/ML delivers vastly more scalable, automated & accurate sales forecasts for physical & ecommerce channels. Manage & update forecasts, run scenarios & identify events that impact sales for forecasting. 

Build supply chain resilience ensures enough inventory, targets it where its needed & protects strategic accounts or locations.

Insights: forecast sales volumes, seasonal variations, holiday variations, energizing & fatiguing sales…

Automate & Scale Product Intelligence

Optimize Product Merchandising

Power Sales, Automate Listings

Get insights to optimize product listing copy & images based on the best sellers convert across major marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart & others. 

Optimize product listings, monitor competitors & automate product listing generation with AI/ML.

Insights: converting copy & image concepts, product listing best practices, category benchmarks, energizing & fatiguing concepts, price…

Power Marketing on What Sells & Why

Know What's in Demand

Marketing & Advertising Insights

Get insights to power more successful product marketing campaigns by knowing what features & benefits they care most about & deliver sales. 

Reveal insights to capture attention & convert. 

Insights: demographics, sentiment, positive/negative concepts, message validation…

AI/ML Powered By Junction AI

AI/ML Partner for SaaS Platforms

Easily integrate Junction AI.

Offer your customers advertising, retail, ecommerce & sales forecasting insights. intelligent product merchandising insights. Junction AI is your expert “as a service” partner, use our prebuilt insights or work with us to develop custom insights.

Use our white label app, API or innovative “insights bot” to deliver insights.

Integrate any of our 40+ prebuilt marketing insights or get custom insights to grow your SaaS success.

We work with you to identify the data you need to win with insights that power performance.   
Our AI/ML is designed is designed to inform you on what matters & why. Our expert service team constantly tunes & improves your results so you can free your mind.

It’s like equipping every team member with an AI data scientist.

AI/ML Solutions for Retailers, Brands & 3PLs

10x your team's impact with AI/ML insights & automations.