Amber Engine and Junction AI Partner to Bring “Click-to-Deploy” Amazon Insights to E-Commerce Brands

Amber Engine, the next generation product information management software for e-commerce, announced today that it has partnered with Junction AI to offer an AI-powered product data optimization tool for brands selling on Amazon.

More marketing data is available now than ever before, from SEO analysis to online user behaviors. Knowing what to do with that data is where many brands fall short. Unprecedented times in e-commerce have also required brands to pivot faster to stay competitive. In 2020, e-commerce grew by almost 27% to $4.28 billion, a trend which is expected to continue.

The Amber Engine and Junction AI partnership aims to change how marketers manage online initiatives with click-to-deploy AI-powered insights.

Amber Engine’s inventive PIM coupled with the new AI-powered product data optimization tool allows brands to uncover exactly what to update in product data. This equips them to sell successfully on busy and increasingly costly marketplaces. “Amber,” the e-commerce brand’s new personal AI assistant, guides brands to create high-converting product listings on Amazon and other online marketplaces to cut through the noise and reach more customers in more compelling ways.

Boosting conversions with actionable insights and performance predictions makes it fast and easy for product managers and marketers to deliver more revenue at less cost and less risk. That’s the whole point of the solution. Making AI analytics easily accessible is our mission at Junction AI,” explains Vance Reavie, CEO of Junction AI.

The Amber AI builds predictions about what optimizations will produce the best sales copy, product data, and product imagery Once optimizations are made users who also use the Amber Engine PIM platform can deploy to any e-commerce channel template with a single click. “Amber” also gives brands an analysis of the top 100 competitors in their category, as well as a way to instantly deploy any insights gained. Whatever competitors are doing on Amazon, the AI-powered proprietary algorithms rapidly learn from what’s already successful to deliver insights, so brands can quickly build off proven strategy.

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