Build your own AI pipeline

Work through these easy-to-do no-coding-experience-required articles and I’ll have you creating your first data science notebook within 15 minutes. Change AI from an intangible thing you’re kinda comfortable talking about to something tangible that you actually understand.  Everyone's talking about AI, it is going to happen and if...

Event Spotlight: The Inventive Journey with Devin Miller & Vance Reavie

Catch our CEO, Vance Reavie, on The Inventive Journey podcast. Interviewed by host Devin Miller, Vance discusses his journey as an entrepreneur and offers his best advice to those starting out! Find it here:

Amber Engine and Junction AI Partner to Bring Click to Deploy Amazon Insights to E-Commerce Brands

Amber Engine and Junction AI Partner to Bring “Click-to-Deploy” Amazon Insights to E-Commerce Brands

Amber Engine, the next generation product information management software for e-commerce, announced today that it has partnered with Junction AI to offer an AI-powered product data optimization tool for brands selling on Amazon. More marketing data is available now than ever before, from SEO analysis to...

Junction AI Audience Simulator for Ad Insights

Why an AI Audience Model? So You Discover What Your Audience Want!

Here’s a scenario we see all the time, as do most marketing professionals. And it happens daily: Brand marketers assess a target audience, build personas, create campaign strategies, develop multiple creatives and push out initial media buys on paid media channels. With time and ad spend...