Don’t Tell my Loyalty Program I am Seeing Another

Like most people I belong to a variety of loyalty programs. With 3.8 billion memberships in the US, the average adult belongs to 14 programs! Over the years my experience continues to be one of surprise that so often the offers I receive are so poorly targeted.

Anyone who knows me and has heard me speak knows how annoyed I get at receiving offers for NASCAR tickets from a loyalty program who “should” know I have never clicked on that offer, stayed in a city at the time of that race or used my points to take advantage of any sporting event.

This is failed personalization, and it makes me feel like the brand just doesn’t get me, despite years of loyal membership. My story is not unique, mistargeted promotions happen millions of times a day across newsletters, websites and apps.

In my latest thoughts on how AI can help transform loyalty marketing I look at the problem of generic segmentation and how it fails loyalty program members and their brands. The good news is an AI data driven approach can hyper-personalize offers that build a 1:1 customer relationship, differentiates loyalty programs and addresses critical millennial characteristics like the demand for real-time and authentic experiences, not just another points/discounts offer.

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 It’s Time For An AI Transformation To Revitalize Brand Loyalty Programs

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