AI Generated & Optimized
Ecom Product Listings

The 1st Generative AI Trained to Sell Your Products

From household goods to electronics, health & beauty to groceries, we’ve got models ready to power sales with AI optimized product listings for Amazon. Join our waitlist as we onboard new product categories & new ecommerce retailers.


Generate 100 or 100,000 product listings each unique & optimized for each & every online marketplace, all in a click.


Grow sales & revenue with the ONLY Generative AI designed to understand what sells & why


Our private GPT & custom data means your IP, insights & competitive advantage are safe & secure,

AN AI Trained to sell your products

We model 1000s of product categories every week. This means our Generative AI is trained on one thing & one thing only – product information about your product & the competitors in your category.

This means our & automated product listing generator is specialized to focus on what matters – your product, brand & selling features.

Because we model your category our AI is constantly monitoring the trends, language & images that power the top performing products, all so you can ensure your product listings are optimized to convert. 

Now adding new product categories & retailers including Walmart, contact us to get your category & ecom marketplace next.

An intelligent template is the key – it powers your ability to optimize your listing for any Amazon’s algorithms or any marketplace & manage rules important to your brand plus more.

Junction AI knows your PIM & most online marketplaces work with a CSV/flat file upload/download. So our intelligent templates simply map to your fields. 

Better yet? Our generative AI solution comes with pre-configured intelligent templates for Amazon & other marketplaces, plus categories like clothing, electronics, grocery & household products.

  • Import/Export in csv/flat file format
  • Align data fields you need for a great listing result 
  • configure templates for each marketplace’s requirements
  • get trending insights to optimize listings
  • select new trending insights to update listings
  • align to SEO insights to align search & conversions

Sure consumers need to FIND your product, but that’s only 1/2 the equation. They still need to BUY it.

Junction AI monitors millions of products across 1000s of categories to understand what it is in the product listing content & images that drives sales.

Our generative AI for product listings includes these critical conversion insights, so your product listing is optimized for SALES.

Junction AI’s proprietary solution combines our unique ecommerce conversion insights so your listings are unique, highly relevant & optimized for the product & product category competition.

Sure, its easy enough to make changes on a single listing, or even a few…. but what about when you have to update 1000s of listings?

GPT can’t read a spreadsheet, so we transform that data into input that trains your generative AI & makes sure the results are more accurate.

Our product listing generator is designed for enterprise needs. Our rules engines means you can create substiutions & apply transformations at the template level so you save time & effort.

  • automate copy replacements to ensure your brand message is enforced throughout
  • keep legal & risk onside with easy rules to replace terms that can’t be used
  • apply logic for a set of products so your AI knows “1,2 or 4” means a “Set of 1, 2 or 4” 
  • bulk update all products in a category
  • manage multiple bulk product groupings
  • regenerate a batch in a click

Convert more sales online with highly optimized product listings, easily updated for every season or retail event. 

Junction AI’s proproietary solution combines our unique ecommerce conversion insights so your listings are unique, highly relevant & optimized for the product & product category competition.

No more guesswork or hours writing product listings. Securely benefit from our private GPT & custom data Generative AI.

Been testing ChatGPT? No doubt. You’ve probably prompted it, make changes & got new output. Rinse repeat… But everytime you make changes or rework you feed those changes back for everyone’s benefit. And next time you start all over.

Our secure & private GPT approach means you get to edit & rework your listing content, submitting updates to your GPT on your products, training & improving the results every time.

Competition is fierce, editing & interacting with your own generative AI means you train on what matters to your brand without sharing your insights with the competition.

  • review, edit & approve generated product listings
  • correct for brand voice or other requirements
  • train a customized generative AI with your feedback
  • Protect your copy & insights
  • Train your generative AI not your competitors
  • Custom data for true to brand training for more accurate & impactful results

Would you share your work with your biggest competitors? How about helping them on their listings?

Junction AI gives you the power of the latest LLM GPT capabilities but all within a private & secure solution. Our GPT is trained specifically on your brand data, insights & keywords.

No more submitting your listings, SEO keywords & edits to a public GPT for everyone’s eyes & benefit. 

Securely benefit from our private GPT & custom data Generative AI.

Dashboard & API Ready

We know you already work with a Product Information Management solution (PIM) & spreadsheets. So we made it easy.

All you need to do to get started is upload your flat file. Our onboarding concierge will set up your templates, prepare your category insights & give you all the support & training you need.

And when you’re ready, let’s integrate directly to your PIM for the most automated experience.


Private & Secure

Private GPT & custom data protects your data & competitive advantage

Service + Solution

We set everything up, train & support your, your AI partner

Easy to Use

No code, no SQL queries, insights, forecasts & listings in a click

Dashboard & Integration Options

Your own personal dashboard or easy API integration

Works with how you Work

Integrate with Teams, Slack & email for notifications & workflow management

CSV/FlatFile Compatible

Upload/export csv files from your existing tools directly, 


Do you use ChatGPT?

We benefit from the capabilities of ChatGPT generative AI capability, but utilize a private version so you are never submitting your data, IP, product details to the public version. Its more secure & protects your competitive advantage.

Do I need to be a prompt engineer?

We set up all the prompts for you, tested, proven & optimized for each marketplace. We reverse engineer the best practice competitors on each marketplace so your content is uniquely optimized for each channel, no prompt engineering needed.

Is Junction AI Cloud Hosted & With Who?

Our platform is designed agnostically so we can support  most major cloud platforms including Azure, AWS & GCP. We utilize leading edge services like DataBricks & others to make it easy & fast to support your integration needs.

What Data are you using?

Our ecommerce insights are based on modeling the top selling products across 1000’s of product categories – a benchmark & your product data, so our solution benefits from a data model that is specific to your product.

What's the cost benefit?

Research benchmarks show a product listing takes 30 min to 1 hour to create, or ~$70 per hour with internal staff or as much as $150 per hour at an agency. Generate 1000s of listings in seconds, edit in minutes all for a fraction of your current cost.

How do your Pricing & Plans Work?

Our monthly & annual service + solution approach means you get more than a platform. Plans include setup & onboarding, ongoing service check-ins, new insights & updates plus outstanding support. Plans cater to 100s to millions of products.


Perfect for Brands, Retailers & Marketing Agencies.

Are you ready?