NVIDIA Markets a Junction AI Client Success Case Study at AWS:Reinvent 2019

NVIDIA marketed a customer story on a Junction AI case study on one of our clients at the NVIDIA booth at the massive AWS: Reinvent 2019 Conference, this last week Dec 2-6, in Las Vegas.

We were thrilled with the exposure, and the recognition that what we are doing for marketers is groundbreaking and revolutionary. Our focus has always been on making AI immediate and impactful, applied and assistive, and democratizing it so marketers at companies of all sizes can benefit.

Junction AI is an NVIDIA Inception partner, it means we get inside access to powerful tools and capabilities so we can deliver a high-quality AI platform backed by some of the industry’s best capability.

So why NVIDIA? We use NVIDIA’s GPUs to train your AI model. That means we can deliver a test ready model up to 50X faster than traditional CPU trained models. Anyone wanting more detail on this can talk to us about how we can deliver a massive performance result.

Read on for the NVIDIA Junction AI Customer Story here.

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