Got questions about the end of 3rd party cookies? Wondering how you will adjust your analytics and business intelligence with the changes now taking place across the sector?

The good news is a first party data strategy is in your best interest. And given the competition and intensity, your first party data is what will drive superior results for your brand.

In Vance Reavie’s latest article on Forbes, our CEO explains some of the benefits and approaches to a first party data strategy: “No Third-Party Cookie Data? You’re Better Off With A First-Party Data Advantage

At Junction AI we specialize in modeling audiences so our clients get unique and relevant insights on improving advertising, e-commerce and streaming media engagement. We deliver benefits by helping marketers with insights on their creative – copy, images and video – that will generate demand.

We do this by focusing on first party data, the real data about your real audience. Find more information on our AI Audience Models™ to learn more about how quickly and easily you can chart a new course, and realize big improvements in your marketing ROI.

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